Turntable Tuesday – SEKYIA

7 Jun

Hey Blogger Babies….

Here we are again, another Turntable Tuesday. This week our featured artist is someone who’s been on Turntable Tuesday before, but this is the first time, it’s all about HER!! You may remember hearing SEKYIA a few weeks ago, when we featured another Feel Good Inc. artist, Julian Write. Well she’s here with her FIRST solo feature and a brand new song!

Sekyia comes for an incredibly musically inclined family. Growing up her mother was also a singer, and before she could even talk she was in the studio learning and being inspired by her mother. As she got older, her brother and her would sing backup for their mother. This experience set Sekyia’s musical future in motion. Doing anything else, just isn’t an option for her.

I can honestly say, I’m glad this is her passion, b/c this week’s song is blowing my mind. I always get the feature songs about a week or two in advance before I post them up for you guys, and let me tell you…. This is a song, I have had in CONSTANT rotation ever since I got it. I hope you enjoy as well.

Sekyia – Fantasy Boy

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One Response to “Turntable Tuesday – SEKYIA”

  1. ak1306 06/07/2011 at 12:51 PM #

    i like this song. reccomended

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